About the Author: Martin Jones

Martin Jones is a Dartmouth lawyer from a long line of Dartmouth hockey players/historians. It was Martin's grandfather, Frank Martin, who first suggested that hockey had local roots. Having played hockey on Lake Banook in the 1890's, Mr. Martin often discussed its origin with his grandson. It was the work of Martin's great-uncle, Dartmouth historian Dr. John P. Martin, that further inspired him to research Halifax/Dartmouth's hockey heritage. The new author was pleased to donate the book launch proceeds for Hockey's Home to the Dartmouth Regional Heritage Foundation.

In addition to writing on the origin of ice hockey in Hockey's Home, Martin has provided an appendix describing how to make an outdoor hockey rink based on his years of personal experience.

Martin's interest and involvement in sport extends to the summer months - he was chairman of the '97 World Canoe Championships held on Dartmouth's Lake Banook and is currently a director of Banook Canoe Club.

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A signed copy of the book is available from the author for $18.95 (Cdn. dollars) plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Please forward a cheque or bank draft payable to Martin Jones - PO Box 913, Dartmouth, NS, Canada B2Y 3Z6.

Author and son at Banook
  Author & Family /w Paul Henderson

Author & Family /w Paul Henderson

Author with Starr skate

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